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July 2006  

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Pointless entry.
 winnipegxians - (onoe)
08:03pm 27/09/2005
Here to remind you of the mess you left. posting in The Christians of Winnipeg
Today is a playing with colour day. These were random colours. I got tired of the old ones. That is all. =)
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03:54am 28/09/2005 (UTC)
Yay finally another post in this community!! I was hoping this wasn't dead...I know some more wpg christian friends that joined the lj bandwagon though, so maybe I can get them to join.....hmmm....♥

+I must say I like the new colours better....but maybe mostly cuz my fav colour happens to be green. :)
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05:14pm 29/09/2005 (UTC)
Here to remind you of the mess you left.
No, not entirely dead. I just have to figure out how to attract people. You could help by thinking up intrests that Winnipeg people have if you like. =) I looked on the Winnipeg community but their all badish things. Anyway, if you think of anything post it or tell me somehow and I'll put it in the intrests section. Thanks.
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07:49pm 11/07/2006 (UTC)
thats good
change it up
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