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July 2006  

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 winnipegxians - (courageofstars)
02:49pm 27/09/2003
Car. posting in The Christians of Winnipeg
Hey I'm new here, my name's Carla. I was surfing through interests and found this place, and I wanted to join since I'm a winnipeg christian =) Also I remember you're the one who's a friend of my friend Lauren Ryckman?? Thaz cool. So far the community looks good, keep it up! C-yaz l8erz! Peace<3

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(no subject)
09:10am 02/10/2003 (UTC)
Here to remind you of the mess you left.
Yay! I'm not alone anymore. Hello and welcome to the community. I remember you....I didn't know you were a Christian though. Thanks for joining, I've been waiting for more people. =) This is exciting.
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yay =)
01:50pm 02/10/2003 (UTC)
Car.: lonely~sailor saturn
You're welcome! I hope more people join too, I want to meet more fellow winnipeg Christians! Yeah, I've been a Christian officially now for about 7 years I think?? I go to Springs and Nurv(the youth group), along with my friend nurv. Hey I like Gollum too, he's cool. I love that movie<3333! Well, C-ya!
picword: lonely~sailor saturn
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Re: yay =)
05:07pm 03/10/2003 (UTC)
Here to remind you of the mess you left.
I hope more people join too. There have to be more out there....I'm just not sure of what to put in the interests to attract them...
I've been a Christian for my whole life....well, as far as I can remember and I go to Elim Chapel and Ground X. E. R. O., which is their youth group... I've thought of coming to Nurv before a few times...I was going to go with Lauren once actually but...she ended up not going... How sad. Someday I'll go...
I like Gollum too! He's not my most favorite character but I just think his character describes humanity in a way... I wont get into that now though.... I love the movies and the books... Have you read any of them? Also, have you seen The Return of the Kings trailer yet? I'm obsessed...
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(no subject)
07:31pm 07/10/2003 (UTC)
Car.: part of that world~ariel
yeah, you could also try writing some interests with different spelling, since everyone might spell something differently....like I spelled freq107 as freq107.1 and chvn95.1 for example. Hey I know where Elim chapel is, it's not too far from where I live. Yeah I've invited Lauren lots of times to nurv and told her to bring any friends she wanted, but it didn't always work out.But yeah I hope you come to check it out, I think you'd like it.
Same here; I like gollum but my most fav characters would have to be all four hobbits, arwen, legolas, and treebeard. Unfortunately I've never had the oppourtunity to discover the books and read them when I was younger, but I want to now and the movies are my fav movies.
No =( I want to see the trailor, I've been dying to get the 2nd dvd so I could see it, but I'll have to wait. *sniff, tear* Someday though....
picword: part of that world~ariel
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(no subject)
06:24pm 12/10/2003 (UTC)
Here to remind you of the mess you left.
That's a fair way to go to get to church isn't it? oh well, people come form all over the city to go to my church.
What are the limits age wise or grade or whatever for Nurv? I should go sometime and drag Lauren with me...
I'm just finishing Return of the king for the second time now before the movie comes out... They're good but people say they're harder to read... I've never had any trouble reading though and I'm not very good a reader...or so I think... So I don't know what they're tlaking about... Oh well...they explain things a lot better in most ways and the movies seem better after you've read the books. Anyway, I'm rambling... The trailor isn't on the dvd, it has some spoiler type sceens but the real trailor is on the site Lordoftherings.net. Download and watch, don't wait.
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(no subject)
02:37pm 14/10/2003 (UTC)
For Nurv it's grades 6-12, but there's also a saturday night service/hangout(7:30pm-11:30pm) that's for ages 18-30 that I just got Lauren to come to last saturday....she really likes it and wants to go back. But yeah I go to the Nurv one as well, so yous guys could come if you wanted. I've sampled reading some of the second book(the library was missing first book), and it doesn't look hard to me, well, maybe except for reading the words written in elvish or entish. But I've had pretty good marks in vocabulary and reading comprehension, so I don't think I'd have a problem with it. Yeah I'll have to watch it then.
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