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July 2006  

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 winnipegxians - (onoe)
08:44pm 03/10/2003
Here to remind you of the mess you left. posting in The Christians of Winnipeg
You know, the colours of this community are rather girly if I may say so... No offence to anyone. I was just trying to keep them light and close yet colourful. Oh well, they'll change eventually.

I've decided to put Freq107 and CHVN in the interests. Maybe that'll attract people.
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music: Big Dismal - Remember (I.O.U)
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07:10pm 31/10/2004 (UTC)
I do have a little thing to say about the colours, the text is kinda hard to see with the background on my old skool display..

other than that,. good job
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Re: Well...
03:55am 06/11/2004 (UTC)
Here to remind you of the mess you left.
You think? I was just playing with colours that day... I should really change it though!
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